Frisco Write Club

A Friendly, Supportive Group of Writers in Frisco, Texas

2024 Schedule

Theme - Opposites

6:30pm - Introductions

6:50pm - Writing Activity 

7:10pm - Presentation

7:40pm - Critiquing*

8:15pm - Officer Announcements

8:30pm - adjourn

*If you'd like your writing critiqued, send an email to Your submission can be up to 500 words. Include your name and email address on your submitted document so people can respond to you with their feedback.

Examples of Our Topics

About Our Club

We are a friendly community of people who enjoy writing. Our members include people who range from beginning writers to published authors. All genres are represented including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's, and more. 

We gather once a month to share our work, offer thoughtful feedback, and discuss the writing and publishing processes. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at the Frisco Public Library in Frisco, Texas.

Are you looking for an accountability partner, seeking supportive feedback on your writing, or wanting to learn how to publish a book? Join us for inspiration and education. Our encouraging, respectful members look forward to helping you on your writing journey.   

To join our writers club, please attend one of our monthly meetings. Information about each meeting can be found at the top of this page.

Here's the format we typically follow during our monthly meetings:

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Member Publications

Ace Your College Admissions by Richard Blazevich

Chicken Soup Short Story by Donna Anderson

Chronicles of John by Ralph Tschiemer

Circus Millie by Carolyn Lis

Death by Food Truck by Linda Baten Johnson

Follow the Green Frog by Jennifer Evans

Harrow County by Shad Miller

Looking for Romeo by Carmina Esquivel

Prodigal Daughter by JC Hennington

The Neighborhood by Brian C. Conley

U.P. Reader by Becky Ross Michael 

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Becky Bruning- President

Brianna Jean Taeuber - Secretary

Carmina Esquivel - VP of Operations

Benjamin Maxwell - VP of Technology/Social Media & Website 

Jeanette Smith - VP of Critiquing

Rich Blazevich, Fergal O'Donnell & Gary Thornberry - Presidents Emeritus

Club Files (members access only): 

Note: This folder is restricted to members who are on our email list.